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9 January 2018

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154



It was a dank, foggy and cold day out on Edgehills Bog today! However, we soon got a couple of fires burning as we were split into two groups to clear up previously cut birch and to cut down another area. Navigating between the two groups was interesting as it was very easy to get lost in the fog!






Fire lighting!

We have quite a few very able members of the team who are very good at fire lighting even when the wood is very wet. They do bring a small amount of paper and kindling wood with them.





This is the 'posh' way to set up a fire!

The wood and brush are put on in one direction only and as the fire builds up the stakes are gradually burnt.







At the end of the day, the glowing ashes provide a welcome reflief to the exhausted crew!

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