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8 December 2020

Horsepool Bottom, Awres Glow and near to Speech House Lake

Once again we were divided up into groups of 5 across the forest.

The group at Horsepool Bottom were clearing up and burning fallen and cut branches as well as hedge laying.

The group at Awres Glow were cutting and clearing a glade.

The group near to Speech House Lake were using logs and brash to make periodic dams to partly block up the watercourses and drainage ditches to begin re-wetting a large area to benefit rare sphagnum mosses and other wetland species.


Horsepool Bottom

This is hazel hedge laying which was a very satisfying task! Hazel needs to be at three stages of growth (coppiced, medium height and large) to encourage Dormice into the area.


The group are by the pond. We cleared quite a long area in the hope of opening up a path right through the 2 acre nature reserve


Near to Speech House Lake

A peacock butterfly was seen sunning itself, and a lively amphibian was seen swimming away down the stream.

First we had to clear the ground by dragging brash to make huge piles under lovely large Pine trees left standing. This was to leave bare any wetted ground for the mosses, heather etc. to spread over, also benefitting amphibians and other fauna. We had to carry heavy logs some distance, positioning them in piles near our first three dam sites. There were already a couple of old dams, and we spotted some lovely wet areas with luxuriant Spagnam Moss in places. We then set about dam building. This was an absorbing task, with much discussion and team work, all socially distanced of course. This is a long term project, in partnership with Forestry England, Natural England, and the Dean Green Team.

Awres Glow

We were lucky to have the good weather today and the team at Awres Glow enjoyed themselves!