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8 October 2013

Wigpool FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO653193


It was good to be back at Wigpool again after nearly a year. This gave us the chance to see how effective our removal of the birch, and herbicide on the stumps, has been. We are really pleased with the results from last year so we are now progressing to further  widen the heathland. Over the years we have managed to control the spread of young birch across this area of heathland by cutting, burning off the cuttings and daubing the stumps with an effective herbicide.

Gloucester Wildlife Trust have recently acquired a small tractor which is now being used with its attachment to cut through some of the small gorse and provide low grassy areas for the reptiles to bask in.







The team are heading towards the large birch in the distance at the start of the day.





There was quite a large team at this site so it was useful for us to have plenty of work to do!



Towards the end of the day the cuttings are still being burnt.

This little dragonfly was really attracted to the blue jeans!