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8 March 2022

Clanna Ponds


We have another two weeks with the clearing of vegetation around one of the ponds at Clanna Woods. The contractors had been in to take down many trees which were mostly laurel. It is a huge undertaking, but it was a great start to letting more light into the pond in a effort to increase its wildlife value. The large pond is known locally as the Eel Pond and although it still supports smooth newts, frogs, teal and mallards etc, it had become very shaded by the surrounding trees, laurel and rhododendron.

Our intrepid team mamber had remembered to wear his wellies!

The debris covering this end of the pond was pulled out by him and he did a sterling job!

The brush along the sides of the large trunks was all cleared.

The bright orange trunks are unusual.  The tree's leaves and branches contain cyanide so we did not burn them but left them in large piles to rot.. 

Other tree branches were burnt and the sun came out!