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8 March 2016

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154


This was the last push our GWT Ranger was anxious to complete, to take us right up to the Northern,now newly fenced, boundary of the reserve. Although just a little chilly to start off with, in no time we were removing layers of clothes in the bright early spring sunshine. It was the usual seamless toil of draggers, cutters and loaders to dispose of the birch and this resulted in no less than 3 massive bonfires. These probably aided the warm micro climate we enjoyed throughout the day!

So, by the end of play, we had achieved our Ranger's dream of completing the opening up of the Northern reserve, right up to the fence-line and just about in time to allow some peace and quiet for the ground nesters to get to it.






The start of the day with the team contemplating the mass of birch in the background!





Edgehills has now been fenced for the imminent arrival of the Exmoor ponies and this shows the new fencing around the area.





Working through the birch which has now been cleared.





Yes... I know... there's always a photo of the fire!

but... this was a particularly good one!

In fact, there were 3 different fires burning on Edgehills today.

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