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3 March 2011

The fire spreading through the gorse and the wind taking it!

The heath before we started showing the mass of very mature gorse.

The team clearing up after the fire and opening up a good area of the heath. We expect this area to quickly revive and it will be green and vibrant in a few weeks.

Crabtree Hill FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO630127

The area over Crabtree Hill is one of the largest areas of heathland in the Forest of Dean and not far from Woorgreen Lake. Having previously cleared the birch away it was now time to remove some of the gorse to open up areas for the heather to thrive. It was a beautifully sunny spring day and the forest was really as dry as tinder. One of the fires we started caught in the wind and actually burnt a swathe of the standing gorse. This was not a problem and, in fact, was quite beneficial as it allowed us to remove the charred gorse remains quite efficiently.

We checked under a couple of corrugated iron pieces for any signs of adders or lizards but it is probably still too cold for them to emerge from their winter hide outs.





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