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8 January 2019

Tidenham Chase - The Park

Grid Ref ST558992


It was an absolutely glorious day for this time of year! The sun shone all day and the temperature was about 9 degrees celsius so, with the many fires, no one had frozen feet!

The Park is a very large area and the parts of it that we had helped to clear of the birch to re-store the heathland in recent years is looking very good. This time we are clearing another large area where the mulching machine had been through to make wide tracks. However, this still meant that there were a great many birch trees to remove and burn off.

Starting the first of seven fires!

There was a large group of us here today so we split up and had fires so that we did not have far to drag the branches.







Break time sitting in the sunshine!





Another of the fires with one of the members just about tripping over the pup!