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8 January 2013

Mallards Pike

Grid Ref SO637095



The first week out in the New Year and a large team turned up which was very useful as we had masses of debris to clear up after the contractors had been in! The area to the northeast of Mallards Pike lakes is being cleared as part of the Butterfly Corridor scheme and we hope to see plants appearing where the trees once stood which would be of benefit to butterflies.

Some of the old piles of brush had been there a while so we did not wish to disturb them as we did not know what creatures may have taken residence within. These piles were added to but not removed and burnt.






Newly cut trees and brush were burnt and we actually had three enormous fires going during the day..





The team found plenty of stumps and logs to sit on during their break.





At the end of the day, the fires are gradually burnt out and a few members stay behind to ensure there is no risk of the fires spreading.

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