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The waterfall runs under the forest track and emerges through an old brick built gully. It then flows down to reach the lakes below.

08 January 2008

The track has been cleared to quite a length although there is still more work to be done in the future. A Redwood with the ivy removed is seen on the right.

The track at the end is totally smothered by the laurel. The canal is on the left of the photograph.


Grid Ref SO584023


Our first outing in 2008 found us in Clanna Woods where we were again removing the invasive Laurel along the old canal. The Laurel has grown very thick having been unattended for some years and is quite brittle to cut as it gives out a tremendous crack when sawn down. As there had been so much rain lately the canal was full and the waterfall was running strongly.

There were some fine specimens of Redwood trees growing (and well hidden!) amongst the Laurel. A lot of the Redwood had huge ivy growing up their trunks so the ivy was cut at the base to prevent it from overrunning the Redwood.


Clanna Laurel

Clanna Laurel cleared

Clanna waterfall


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