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Woorgreens Stream
Thinning the squirrel damaged trees along the stream
This is a view across Woorgreen Lake on a dismal afternnoon. Unusually, there were no water birds to be seen using the lake this autumn. In the past there have been swans, moorhens, coots, geese and muscovy ducks.
The team are taking a break but the photo demonstrates the expanse of clearing done on this site. All the dead wood and shrub can be seen in vast piles on the right. These will be nibbled down by the deer and inhabited by many species of small wildlife.

7 November, 2006

Woorgreens FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO626128

Another vist to this site as there is a great deal to do here. We have been removing squirrel damaged trees and gorse and clearing the area to allow for some heathland to re-grow. There are also areas of marshy land adjacent to Woorgreen Lake which would benefit when cleared. In the afternoon we cleared dead and damaged trees along the stream which runs off Woorgreen Lake through to the Foxes Bridge FC/GWT Reserve allowing more room for the magnificent Scots Pine trees.





Woorgreens Lake













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