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Now a state of rest and contemplation has occured at the end of the day!

07 July 2009

The team are pretending to work! It is unusual to see us with sickles instead of our loppers and saws.

The area is an open heathland situated between the odd house or two with many pathways through it.

The bracken in this image was all removed.


Gorsty Knoll

Grid Ref SO586093


We have been to Gorsty Knoll a few years ago and were asked to come back to do some bracken bashing. This is not a favourite task so we were enticed by the offer of ice cream if we did a minimum of two hours work! As it happens, the summer downpours were evident so we compromised with a cream cake each (or two!). The work was not as bad as we thought and, once the rain had stopped, quite good fun.

The purpose of the bracken bashing was to allow the Glow Worms to display successfully at this time of year and not to be hidden in the bracken. It was also useful for the small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly to find their food plants under the canopy.


Gorsty Knoll


Now resting!


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