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7 February 2012

Tidenham FC/GWT/RSPB Reserve

Grid Ref ST559994



The plan today was to burn off a swathe of the invasive gorse in a line but this was weather dependant. There had been snow over the weekend and the ground was very wet. We were instructed by the forest rangers to burn against the wind so that we could be in control of the fires but there was hardly any wind and the fires just kept petering out. We struggled with this for the morning but eventually gave it up and went to plan B! There was an area where the jump builders from Chepstow racecourse had cut the longer birch to replenish their jumps and we continued to clear the birch which was left. A buzzard spent a long time perched on top of a pine watching us.







This is the best chance we had to burn the gorse and we started fires all along the strip. We had fire beaters in case the fire got out of control but there was no chance of that!





Exmoor ponies have been grazing in the reserve for five or six years now and have done a marvellous job of keeping the scrub to a reasonable level. There are now 10 ponies in the reserve.

This pony has just had a drink from the pond which, although frozen, had clear patches around the edges.






Exmoor ponies are a hardy breed but even they need a little more sustenance in a harsh winter. A forest ranger had provided them with hay during the morning.

















































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