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6 December 2011

Stenders Quarry GWT SSSI Reserve

Grid Ref SO659183



Stenders Quarry has been cleared of the very large trees near the quarry face. We were removing the small ash which was growing in abundance up the steep incline and we were daubing the stumps with herbicide to prevent any re-growth. There was a large team of people with us on this day and it was fortunate that no one slipped down the steep slope! The hebridean sheep are due back on this site in the early spring.







We can now see all the way through the quarry as the trees have been removed although some of the larger logs remain to rot down. The area we were to clear is on the upper right of the image.





Members of the team are moving the cut ash towards the fire. There was also some blackthorn to be cut.






At the end of the day, the view is back towards the entrance to the quarry.

















































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