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This is an old tunnel which we found just above the pond edges. The inside of the tunnel was bone dry but the entrance had been silted up by tons of debris from the hillside.

Further information regarding Flour Mill Colliery can be found


06 November 2007

Progress can now be seen to expose the water in the pond.

The pond is barely discernible amidst all the undergrowth. This pond was very severely polluted about 20 years ago but has now recovered.

Flour Mill Colliery

Grid Ref SO606069

This was a new site for us to work at and it seemed quite derelict to start with. The old colliery has long gone and a large overgrown pond now occupies the dip in the land with a stream running downhill which had an ancient man made wall supporting the sides. We cleared all the scrub around the pond but attempts to get at the centre of the pond were dashed when an intrepid member of the team found the boggy water reaching up over his waders!

Marsh Marigolds

This site has Marsh Marigold plants and a description of them can be found on here (please click)


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