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6 October 2015

Greathough Brook, Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO621154


This is a regular visit to clear the small scrub from the sides of the banks along the large track leading down from Piano Corner in order to bare the banks for the Wood White butterfly population. We did have a few heavy showers and the lucky ones sheltered under an awning attached to a camper van but the unlucky ones were dripped on from the trees!

This seems to be the time of year when the wild boar are spotted in the daytime. There are quite a few (by which, we mean - over 30!) along the Cannop valley roads and 8 were seen this morning less than 1/2 mile from our work site.






The trees and scrub were removed from the bank on the right of the image.





Over looking from the top bank, the group were also clearing down below.





There was plenty for us to do and, although we totally blocked the track for a while, it was all cleared away by the end of the day.

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