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06 October 2009

Regardless of the rain, the fire burnt well all day
Chain sawing! We got the chainsaw stuck in one of the trees and it was quite a job to remove it even though the chainsaw had been sharpened previously!

Fox Moth caterpillar (Macrothylacia rubi)

Wingspan 40-65 mm.

The males of the Fox Moth are generally more reddish-brown than the females, which are slightly larger and greyer.

The species is well distributed over much of Britain, and common in places. Its preferred habitats are open woodland, moors and commons.

The caterpillar is covered with blackish and tawny-coloured hairs and feeds on heather (Calluna) and bramble (Rubus), amongst others.

The males fly in the afternoon, whereas the females tend to fly only at night.


Greathough Brook, Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO622164

The rain poured down! September had 40% less rain than normal and it made it up for this by absolutely drenching us this day! That did not stop us though although it did call an early end to the day. Continuing with the removal of the alder trees and leaving some older trees to flourish. We found a caterpillar which we think is a Fox Moth caterpillar - unless you know better..............




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