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6 June 2017

Mallards Pike/Moseley Green and Brandricks Green - Wildlife Survey

Grid Ref SO637088


We are doing wildlife surveys through the summer and, this week, we split the team up round Mallards Pike,Moseley Green and Brandricks Green. Once again, It was unfortunate that the day was overcast and cloudy which meant that butterflies were in short supply. There had been a storm overnight and it was very windy, but it didn't rain and we had a few
spells of sunshine.


The full report of species recorded can be seen here





Luckily, we saw this Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene) which we were especially looking for. The adults fly close to the ground, stopping frequently to take nectar from flowers such as bramble and thistles but, particularly, Marsh Violets.


See the results here





These are some of the Marsh Violets (Viola palustris) growing in the stream.

Also known as Bog Violet, it is a low growing plant with creeping underground rhizome. It has blunt, kidney-shaped leaves and a small pale violet blue flower with darker veins and with a blunt pale lilac spur.