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6 March 2012

Darkhill Iron Works

Grid Ref SO588087



Continuing the clearing around Darkhill Iron works to create a butterfly corridor. We were very pleased to see a bright yellow Brimstone butterfly meandering around us.


Brimstone butterfly, yellow-bird butterfly
Gonepteryx rhamni

These bright yellow butterflies are often the first butterflies to be seen in spring. New adults emerge from their chrysalids in July and live until the following July. Adults hibernate over winter in woodlands and emerge on warm spring days.






It is unfortunate that after our work last week a load of yobs came to the Iron works and pulled stonework out of walls, burnt a fire and threw rubbish and beer cans over the area. This sort of behaviour is unacceptable and the local residents are on the alert to try and stop it recurring.







The small, dead brush is about to be cleared along the stream running down the hill. As you can see, the sunlight is now coming through the area.





Some of the team were on the hillside removing larger trees. There is now a good open area stretching down the valley which was the plan for creating the butterfly corridor.






The stream was barely visible when we started in this area and is now smoothly running down to the pond at the bottom of the hill.


















































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