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The island stream
The converging streams

06 March 2007

This shows the tidy up work on the site. Coppiced hazel in the forefront, log piles by the tree and brush piles by the stream.


The hazel is quite poor and ragged and is to be coppiced. The larger trees are left to provide shade for the bluebells.


The stream is running fast - normally it is a gentle trickle!

Click on the photo and you can see the streams converging at the lower end of the island



Cannop Cottages

Grid Ref SO610120

The area to work on was situated behind Cannop Cottages next to the cycle track. It was a small island between two streams which ran down to Cannop Ponds and, as we had recently had torrential rain the streams were flowing very full and fast. Our task was to coppice the hazel trees and to open the island sky light. The island had not been worked on for many years and the hazel was old and tatty so this is an experiment to discover if the coppicing is of benefit to the wildlife. Tiny little sprigs of bluebell plants were beginning to spring up on the forest floor.

















Hazel coppicing

a tidy site!


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