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6 February 2024

Shakemantle Quarry

Grid Ref SO651113



It had been nearly four years since we last went to Shakemantle Quarry and it is such an interesting site. It is a large, fairly open, west facing, 2-tiered limestone quarry started in 1829 for mining coal and Limestone ore and the large quarry had been formed by the late 1870s. The production of lime, which during the 19th century was used as flux in local ironworks as well as for farming and building, continued after the First World War in several places, including Shakemantle.






We were cutting the birch and small scrub on the quarry floor. We also did a thorough litter pick of the whole area.





We burnt off the cuttings

Litter picking was being done along the lower slopes.





This is the view from the top of the Quarry.