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5 November 2013

Woorgreens Lake GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO630127



Our task today was to remove and burn all the fallen debris which had accumulated along the scallops towards Crabtree Hill. We have already cleared about four of the scallops so we continued with the final ones. We ended up with five, very smokey fires but, as it was the 5th November i.e. Bonfire day, we felt that we had got into the spirit of things!

The scallops which we had cleared last year showed promising signs of re-growth, especially with thousands of foxgloves.






The team were spread out on the site and, even though the brush for the fires was very damp, we had a good blaze going.





These are the baked potatoes cooking at the base of the fire. Our GWT ranger brought them along to celebrate Bonfire day and, luckily, we had just enough for each of us to enjoy them.





Having a rest and tucking into the baked potatoes!

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