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5 October 2021

Tidenham Chase Park GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992

Our task was to open up another area of the reserve by clearing scrub birch and gorse. The Rangers felled the larger trees with a chain saw whilst the team cut down the smaller stuff and dragged it all to two fires for burning. It was a lovely sunny day after a night of heavy rain. Although it was very windy we were sheltered by the trees. We had our breaks near a small pond and were joined by a number of different kinds of dragon and damsel flies.

This area is designed to link two larger previously cleared sections of open habitat.

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria)

Famous, enchanting and highly toxic! Fly agaric helps trees by transferring nutrients into their roots, but if eaten can cause hallucinations and psychotic reactions. Fly agaric is native to the UK. It grows in woodland and heathland on light soils among birch, pine or spruce. It is a fungus that often forms mycorrhizal associations with birch, but also other trees.

Tidenham Chase Park is a good site to spot this fungus.