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5 April 2022

Greathough Brook at Piano Corner

Grid Ref SO621154


This week we were at the Beaver Project site for our annual clear up around the fencing to remove the brambles which are growing through and to clear around the stream grids.

We had a chance to enter the site which is now full of gnawed fallen trees. Those of us with our dogs kept them out and worked on the outside of the fence.

We cleared alongside the fence using our loppers and good gloves as the bramble is very prickly! We also used scythes to cut a wider path through.

This is the main dam created by the Beavers and you can see the drop in the water level below on the right.

Our Rangers also collected water samples which are sent to Exeter University so that the scientist can check the water quality. The water is very clear here now.

The stream on the right flows down from under the steep hill where an old coal mine used to be.

The middle stream is the main stream through the valley.

The pond on the left has been created by the Beavers.