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5 March 2019

Mallards Pike and Moseley Green

Grid Ref SO637088


There were various tasks for us to do today. Some of the team went to the far end of Mallards Pike lake and up the cycle track to clear some glades and build brush hedges (to deter the boar ).

Others went across to Moseley Green to rake and clear scrub from the butterfly sites. They found a Slowworm whilst repairing the reptile corrugated sheets which had been dislodged. They also did litter picking and it is sad that they found so much litter that the bags filled the inside of a car before they were taken to the dump! Most of the litter seems to have been thrown from cars driving by.

This was the main glade for us to clear and the sunshine shows how beneficial this would be for the butterflies, particularly the Small Pearl Bordered Fritilliary.







The glade is now neat and tidy!

We also re-built another brush hedge further down the track which collapsed over the years. Marble White butterflies were seen there last summer.



We found masses of Scarlet Elfcup around the area growing on rotten wood.


Scarlet Elfcup(Sarcoscypha austriaca)

Sarcoscypha austriaca commonly referred to as Scarlet Elfcup (and the macroscopically almost identical Ruby Elfcup Sarcoscypha coccinea) appears in winter on dead twigs in damp, shady places, usually partly buried in moss.