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5 March 2013

Perry Hay

Grid Ref SO630113



It was a magnificient day as the sun shone all the time. Off came our jackets - off came our jumpers - t-shirts, not seen since last year, were evident! This was a new site for us and it is absolutely beautiful with a long grassy track leading up to a glade with a lovely small pond in it. The plan was to remove some of the pine which was shading out the track and to clear the glade so that the area would be open for the butterflies. During the day we saw a couple of Yellow Brimstone butterflies and a Red Admiral butterfly. We could also hear a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in the surrounding trees.







The little pond is at the far end of the glade.





This is the side of the pond and shows that the wild boar are using it regularly as a wallow. The boar have made many tracks around this pond and thrive in this area of woodland which is deep into the forest.





From the pond, the glade is now virtually cleared with a few trees left for the birds. The fires at the top of the glade burnt off all the brash we had cut.

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