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5 February 2013

Mallards Pike

Grid Ref SO637095



The area to the northeast of Mallards Pike lakes is being cleared as part of the Butterfly Corridor scheme and we hope to see plants appearing where the trees once stood which would be of benefit to butterflies. We have now moved on through the area and can see a good deal of the clearing. We have some extra days booked for this site as there is so much to clear but, when we have a good team turn out, as we did today, it is amazing how much we can do!







The day started out with loads of brush laid out for us to clear and burn. The weather was very cold with a strong wind blowing and there was snow forecast although we did not see any.





We had a chain saw ranger doing the large trees and a good, smoky fire to burn off the residue.





The team are having a lunch break along the track which is going to be one of the tracks for the Forest Rally on saturday. We will have to move all the logs before then!

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