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As it was Shrove Tuesday, local residents Dave and Sue provided us with hot pancakes which were very much appreciated by the whole team!

05 February 2008

It was soon cleared and opened up to provide a good habitat for small growth

The area is quite densely packed with squirrel damaged trees and old gorse

Milkwall - Darkhill

Grid Ref SO588087


This was a return visit to the site alongside the cycle path above Darkhills Iron Works. This area has abundant wildlife and is a notable area for the small pearl bordered fratillary. We were aiming to open up a habitat pathway to allow the butterflies to travel between areas.

Small pearl bordered fratillary

Small pearl bordered fratillary

Latin name: Boloria selene

This fritillary is similar in size and habits to the Pearl-bordered Fritillary but is more widespread and occurs in damper, grassy habitats as well as woodland clearings and moorland.

The adults fly close to the ground, stopping frequently to take nectar from flowers such as bramble and thistles. It can be identified from the more numerous whitish pearls on the underside hind wings, the outer ones bordered by black chevrons, and from the larger black central dot.

The butterfly remains widespread and locally abundant in Scotland and Wales, but has undergone a severe decline in England.


Milkwall during clearance

Milkwal after clearancel

Milkwall pancakes!


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