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05 January 2016

Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO577080


We do a regular trip to Clearwell Meend every year as the grass, bracken and leggy gorse needs to be removed and raked off to allow for the orchids to come through on this limestone escarpment. This year, we cleared an enormous area on the top of the site. We also found a large amount of rubbish to remove - bottles, tins, boxes etc. Not all the dead bracken was burnt as it was far too wet so we piled it into large heaps to rot down normally.






The team are collecting up the rakings to burn on the fire. The fire was quite smoky as so much of the kindling was soaking wet!





As you can see, there were a lot of us out today! All experienced members of the team bring small stools to sit on during the breaks.





A clothes peg on the tree for a jacket!

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