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We observed the Exmoors as they grazed and were pleased to see that they also seemed to graze on the gorse bushes which must have been really prickly at this time of year. The Exmoors are quite fat for this time of year so they must be getting good sustenance in the mixed vegetation.

04 December 2007

The Exmoor ponies are grazing on an open area of heathland. We did not see them for about three hours and then they appeared very quietly. They are not at all bothered by us.

The team at the start of work having found a suitable log to rest on during the coffee break!

The Park, Tidenham Chase FC/GWT/RSPB Reserve

Grid Ref SO559994


Another gloomy day weather wise! It seems that we always have gloomy days when at Tidenham Chase! However, nothing daunted, we continued the heathland clearance of young birch and leggy gorse finding some sheets of corrugated iron which are laid down to encourage snakes and lizards to use. We did not lift them as it is not a good time of year to do that. The heathland is again being grazed by three exmoor ponies and is looking better for it.

Dean Green Team

Exmoor Ponies

Exmoor Ponies









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