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4 October 2022

Tidenham Chase Park GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992

Having done seven trips to Tidenham Chase Park GWT Reserve over last winter, we returned to this beautiful site to carry on removing birch for the heathland restoration.

It was a relief to our ear drums to find that the GWT Rangers now have battery operated chain saws rather than the very noisy petrol ones!



This is an overview of the entire site and the clearer patches can be seen.

This is the area we cleared last winter where there is now heather, small gorse and .wild flowers growing..

Our GWT Range told us that Nightjars have been coming back to nest here on the open ground.

He also told us that he had seen an adder here consuming a shrew.

We took down a lot of birch and had some large fires burning in a different area to last time.

It is the season for funghi and Tidenham Chase has an abundance of them to brighten up the forest floor.