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4 June 2019

Linear Park and Beechenhurst

Grid Ref SO650126 and SO613120

Two sites today - some of the team went to Linear Park for a butterfly survey whilst others went to Beechenhurst to do general amintenance around the site. As it is summer, we do not do any clearing in the main forest because of birds nesting. However, we were asked to help with a great many tasks around Beechenhurst.

Linear park Butterflies

This larva is that of 'Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet' which feeds on Meadow Vetchling or Red Clover but will use other clovers, vetches & trefoils. The moth will emerge in late June/July so the larvae will be pupating soon.

The Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary is a delightful butterfly found in discrete colonies. Patrolling males can be seen flying a couple of feet from the ground, alternating a burst of rapid wing beats with a short glide, searching out freshly-emerged females in the surrounding scrub. The wing pattern, however, makes the adult butterfly difficult to follow in flight, it being much easier to observe this species when it is basking or nectaring on flowers of Bugle and other plants.


Beechenhurst Tasks!

Our ranger really went to town composing this list of tasks for us today!




We completed the vast majority of the tasks and only gave up when the heavens opened and we all got soaked through!

Even the main sign for the site had a good wash!




Some of the team resting after clearing the bramble from around the Colliers View BBQ area.

Areas of bramble were tidied up all around the site today. We used one of the FC trucks to take the piles of bramble away.