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4 February 2020

Poor's Allotment

Grid Ref ST560990



This was our first time working in Poor's Allotment. Poor's Allotment is held by trustees from the parish of Tidenham and declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by Natural England and managed by Gloucester Wildlife Trust. The land (as its name would indicate) was historically allocated under an Enclosure Award (1814) and was to be managed for the benefit of the poor. The parishes involved were Lancaut and Tidenham. It is acidic grassland and lowland heath with areas of dense bracken of about 28 hectares and it is a local viewpoint over the River Severn.

We were removing large Birch trees. Birch clearance is difficult because a single stem can turn into 10 stems if not dealt with properly. This means using professional herbicides to treat tree stumps and burning waste material.





It was a beautiful crisp day. The birch trees were felled by our range and branches removed by our team for the fires.





This enormous fire was burning the tree trunks as well as the brush.

There is a lot of bracken on the site which is gradually being treated and our ranger has the benefit of an Alpine tractor that takes the tops off the bracken on difficult terrain, revealing the heather underneath. This is why the Birch was cleared and an open area created.





A tree as it falls!

A rope was attached to the tree and pulled by the team to make sure it fell in the right place.