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4 January 2022

Tidenham Chase Park GWT Reserve

Grid Ref ST558992

It was a lovely day as the sun shone but it was freezing! We returned to Tidenham to contnue creating the heathland by removing the small birch and the large gorse.

A local birdwatcher has reported seeing a Dartford Warbler at Poors Allotment at Tidenham. We are thrilled with this as this is the first time this bird has been recorded here.

This small, dark, long-tailed warbler is resident in the UK and has suffered in the past from severe winters. The Dartford Warbler's population crashed to a few pairs in the 1960s, since when it has gradually recovered, increasing in both numbers and range. It is still regarded as an Amber List species.




This is th area which has now been returned to heathland.

Many fires were lit to burn off the brush.

The small pond had been totally obscured by gorse originally and it is now open to admire!