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4 January 2011

The team are giving the fire it's final stoke up before leaving the site. The frost and ice have virtually disappeared during the day.
A view of the iced pond and the trees surrounding it.

This part of the pond shows evidence of fox tracks. They were spotted by our Forestry Commission wildlife ranger before our dogs had been near the ponds.

Plump Hill, Long Ponds

Grid Ref SO658167

The start of a new year! As you can see from the photos, there was still some snow and ice on the ground but nothing as bad as the few weeks before christmas when a couple of outings by the team had to be cancelled due to the extremely inclement weather. The ice on the ponds was hard enough to bear a man's weight but, rest assured, we did not put that to the test!

We were clearing trees around the perimeter of the ponds to allow more light to reach the water. There were some larger trees actually in the ponds and it was decided that, with the ice there, it might be too dangerous to try and reach these trees. No one wanted to catch hypophermia by putting on the waders!




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