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3 December 2019

New Fancy View

Grid Ref SO627095

It is ten years since we last worked at New Fancy View! Formerly the site of the New Fancy coal mine. The old spoil heap now provides spectacular views across the Forest

The team split up into small groups and were clearing south facing areas for more adder basking access. Adders are regularly found here in the summer but they are hibernating at the moment. It is also a good site for seeing Goshawks.

The forest is virtually a 360 degree view from here.

We cleared the bramble and gorse but left the cuttings to create a small wildlife friendly hedge.

This was a very steep hillside and a good open area was opened up leading down to the Geomap, which celebrates both the geological and the industrial history of the Forest of Dean. The map represents the geology of the Forest of Dean. Each layer of rock shown on Geomap is made from the actual rock it represents, taken from local quarries.