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3 December 2013

Lord's Wood, The Doward

Grid Ref SO547156



We've got new hard caps!

A return visit to Great Doward to continue making a butterfly glade and to open up some areas under the rare Sorbus trees. A few of us also went to a spagnum moss pond to open it out a little bit.






Our 'model' is displaying one of our new hard caps which have been provided by the Forestry Commission. These caps have a hard inner lining so that we now comply with Health and Safety directives. The team are grateful for the protection we will now have in the event of a tree falling on our heads!!!





The team are in front of Lords Wood Quarry.

A small quarry operated here around 1938 for a short time, with the limestone being taken to nearby lime kilns for burning. The main quarry was not opened up until 1952, when the woodland covering the area was felled. The extracted limestone was taken to the crushing machines situated at King Arthur's Cave. Quarrying operations finally ceased about 1970. Geologically the site is interesting because the quarry is excavated into the upper part of the Carboniferous Limestone and displays massive tilted limestone beds. Contact with magnesium-rich waters has converted most of this limestone into the dolomitic form containing magnesium rather than calcium carbonate.





We cut out the small birch and squirrel damaged trees but we left a small glade of Hawthorn for the birds.

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