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3 October 2023

Woorgreen GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO625128


It was such a glorious day to be out in the expanse of Woorgreen GWT Nature reserve!

This is the largest GWT Reserve in the forest and we regularly move in to remove the invasive birch from the heathland. We knew that the Highland Cattle and Exmoor ponies were in the reserve somewhere but they did not come to inspect what we were doing!


The mass of birch in the distance was where we were aiming for at the start of the day.

We cut the birch down to the ground and the stumps were sprayed with weed killer.There was a lot of 'still ripe' blackberries in the brambles.

At the end of the day, the vista shows how much we cleared with our large team and the fires we used to burn off the trees are evident. We always notify the Fire Brigade that we will be having controlled fires.