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3 September 2019

Tidenham Chase Park

Grid Ref ST558992

This was the first of four days work planned at Tidenham Chase park. The Reserve is enormous and, over the years, we have gradually changed it from scrubby trees and bushes back to reasonable heathland. However, this task is forever ongoing as the birch in particular has a habit of re-appearing!

A large team of us turned out on a lovely day to set work at cutting, dragging and burning two massive fires to remove a section of the trees.

At the beginning of the day, our ranger is explaining our task and showing us exactly where to remove the trees.

Working through the piles of trees for the fire.

At the front of this photo there are large clumps of heather in flower. It is satisfying for us to see heather spreading across the whole site.

Ten Exmoor ponies are living on the site and will stay there all winter. They came down to see us.

They are in excellent condition and thrive here. If the winter turns bad the rangers will bring them hay but, on the whole, they have plenty to subsist on here.