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04 April 2007

The Corsican pine on the right of the photo was hit by llightening.
The site is now much more open and will encourage wild plants, such as Bullrushes, dragonflies and butterflies to populate it.

The pond is so full of water that it stretches to the nearby trees.

Wigpool FC/GWT Reserve

Grid Ref SO653193

We started out on the winter season last September at Wigpool and we have finished this season at Wigpool. The changes in the heathland and pond are amazing over this period. The pond has quadrupled in size as the ditch feeding the pond with water has been cleaned and the water in the pond is beautifully clear. We cut many small birch and sycamore saplings and cleared the gorse amongst the heather.


Wigpool pond


Wigpool pond


Wigpool pond


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