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3 March 2020

Parkend Tumps

Grid Ref SO61670827



It felt like Spring today at Parkend Tumps even though the temperature was quite low. This was once a floristically rich site and our task was to clear the area of bramble through the trees and rake the dead bracken to encourage flowering plants. Signs of very young violets were found under the bracken.





The tumps overlook the village of Parkend. The team are starting on the lower slopes.

There is evidence of feral boar inhabitation in the woods behind the tumps and two boar were seen quite near to us.





This little pond had quite clear water and we used the scrub to protect it from the boar as they would most likely turn it into a muddy boar wallow!





Here is a conundrum!

We've tried to identify this dead funghi without success. It is quite large and felt like paper.





Many bags of litter were also removed from the site and the open vista looked good on such a lovely day.