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3 February 2015

Edgehills Bog GWT Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO660154


Returning to Edgehills which is high on the hills of the Forest of Dean. We expected a blizzard up there at this time of year but we were so fortunate to have a cold, crispy sunny day with absolutely no wind!

It has taken a while to gradually reduce the wild birch on this heathland and we carried on in the centre of the site so that we could open it up to cleared areas on either side.






Our ranger was experimenting with a new herbicide sprayer and nozzle attachment rather than the blue buckets with brushes.

The problem is ... firstly, he needs totally clean water to refill it ... secondly, the nozzle kept getting clogged up ... thirdly, the spray was not confined to the actual stumps but spread out a bit around them.

However, we must continue trying this out as it is a directive from the powers-that-be!





We split into two groups during the day so we had two separate fires like this.





These, lovely blue, stumps were herbicided using the old method of a bucket and brush. The bright blue colour soon fades away over time but is useful on the day so that we can see the little stumps and do not trip over them so much!

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