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2 August 2011

Ridley Bottom Nature Reserve GWT

Grid Ref SO563985

The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust reserve at Ridley Bottom was visited by members of the Dean Green Team to help with collecting the hay and removing it from the wild flower meadow. It did not matter that the hay was quite wet as it was not going to be used as animal fodder. Whilst we were scraping the hay into lines for the small baler to pick up we saw many frogs darting about, probably because of the dampness underfoot! 71 bales were removed from the site. The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust now have a Facebook page for the Forest of Dean so have a look! - click

Hay scraping

The team are lining up the hay ready for the baler. There are 3 small fields which had been cut and, with so many members in the team,

the work did not take too long!

Hay lines

The hay baler created small round bales and was loaned to us by

Hay baler


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