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2 July 2019

Ruardean Woodside Woods

Grid Ref SO639160

It was a bright sunny day and we were deep in the woods at Ruardean Woodside. A large area had been cleared of trees leaving a mass of cuttings and brash across the ground. We were asked to build anti-deer fencing from the brash which would open up the area before new planting. It was a pleasing job but we haven't quite finished it so we should come back to continue the task soon.

The area is probably about a hectare square and the hedge will be about four feet high.

Some of the brash was quite large and long but this is useful for binding through the hedge.

Cutting wayward branches was also required.

We found an Emperor Dragonfly on the site.

It is Britain’s bulkiest Dragonfly. Its bright colours and active habit make it very obvious when hunting over medium to large water bodies although there was no water nearby. It rarely settles, even eating its prey in flight. Both sexes have a bright, apple-green thorax and green or blue eyes.