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2 April 2013

Abbots Wood

Grid Ref SO659109



A relatively fine and sunny day but with a biting wind. The sunshine was useful for us to identify areas along the track which would make good sunny glades for the butterflies.

Washout 2012 was the worst year for UK butterflies on record with 52 out of the 56 species monitored suffering declines, a scientific study revealed. Some of our rarest species such as the fritillaries bore the brunt of the second wettest year on record and now face the real threat of extinction in some parts of the UK. Last year’s relentless rain and cold created disastrous conditions for summer-species in particular as they struggled to find food, shelter and mating opportunities; butterfly abundance plummeted to a record low as a result and 13 species suffered their worst year on record.

Butterflies have proved before that given favourable conditions and the availability of suitable habitat they can recover, but with numbers in almost three-quarters of UK species at a historically low ebb any tangible recovery will be more difficult than ever.






We always notify the Fire Brigade that we are having a controlled fire in the forest but, today, we had a visit from them. Apparently, even though they knew it was us with the fire, they had been called out and it is their duty to double check. All was fine!





The sunshine on the cleared area to the right of this picture shows the benefit of opening up the glade.





The team take a break and have a natter about one of our team who got his vehicle stuck in a ditch and was very grateful to the team for pulling him out!

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