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02 April 2008

A Mallard duck's nest was found on the edge of the pond. We moved away from this nest so that the duck could come back to her brood. It shows the significance of not doing any further work through the spring as we could disturb many nesting birds such as these.

This is the marshy pond which has been opened up to allow light for the bog plants to grow.


Clearwell Meend

Grid Ref SO581087


Another glorious spring day at Clearwell Meend and found a Mallards nest with ten eggs in it. Most of the group helped to clear the ponds and marsh of willow and gorse.

Clearwell Meend is 42 acres of bracken, gorse, heather,scrub/woodland,acid grassland,calcareous grassland, marsh and ponds. It lies mostly over drybrook sandstone and whitehead limestone on the western part. There are 89 species of plants including nationally scarce and locally important autumn gentian and lousewort. Other notable plants are harebells,autumn lady's- tresses,carline thistle,salad burnett. There are glow-worms on this site and until recently small pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies.

An Early Purple Orchid was found on the Meend last summer.




Clearwell Meend

Mallard nest

Clearwell Meend


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