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2 March 2010

The hedge on the left has been layered and cut and the debris burnt off.

The lake looks serene and most of the waterfowl were on the far side.

Woorgreen Lake Nature Reserve

Grid Ref SO630127


The task today was to re-lay the hedge surrounding the lake to provide good nesting sites and improve the view for visitors. We also took out small birch alongside a ride so that the heather could flourish. It was a glorious sunny day and we saw many birds around the lake including :-

Canada Geese, Goosanders, Mandarin Ducks, Siskins, Crossbills

Autumn Ladies-tresses

Goosander (Mergus merganser )

There are  2300 to 2900 breeding pairs. Originally introduced and bred in Scotland, the Goosander has gradually spread across northern England and Wales into the south and southwest of England during the past few decades. Whilst being a striking and attractive bird, the goosander has often been in conflict with anglers due to its expert efficiency in feeding on salmon and trout. Woorgreen Lake is a nature reserve and fishing is not allowed.



Woorgreen Lake


Birch clearing

The birch has been removed from the heather bed at the side of the ride.


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