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The team were split into two groups on this day between May Hill and Plump Hill


2 February 2016

May Hill National Trust Reserve

Grid Ref SO690221



Half of the team went to continue the brush burning on May Hill. Although we were blessed by a sunny day the wind was ferocious but that kept the fires burning well! The rides have been coppiced and we were removing the brush to allow for spring and summer foliage to thrive.







The team have pulled all the brush which lined the side of the ride onto the fire and are relaxing at break time.




A further fire was built lower down the hill.


2 February 2016

Plump Hill

Grid Ref SO660168



The wind on Plump Hill was not nearly as biting as it was on May Hill today. The other half of the team were raking the mown grass which had been cut by the contractors and they also cut and burnt a lot of leggy gorse around the edges of the site. There is strong evidence of boar scrapings on this site now which we did not see last year.









The leggy gorse is being burnt.




The top of the hill is very open and we keep it mown to encourage the Autumn Ladies Tressle to grow.

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