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The freezing weather will hold the icicles for a long time but the tree will eventually recover from the ivy infestation as the ivy slowly dies away.

02 February 2009

The icicles dripping from the cut ivy are not made of water but of frozen sap. The ivy was cut a month before and a good chunk of it is removed to stop the ivy from suffocating the tree.

This shows the snow in the Arboretum and is a really pretty scene.

Woorgreen FC/GWT Reserve but diverted to the Arboretum

Grid Ref SO626128

This day was scheduled to be at Woorgreen but it was the second day of the worst winter weather for 18 years. Snow had fallen the previous night and more snow was to come. However, a few hardy souls came out and braved the conditions but Woorgreen was abandoned due to access and wet conditions, so the group diverted to the Arboretum which is about a mile away. The fire from the previous day was relit and It was just more tidying,and lopping the dangly bits of the various cedars, but as always it looks better for the effort.


Frozen ivy sap

Frozen ivy sap





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