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02 January 2007

This shows the approach to the clearance area - an almost impassable quagmire at the moment but it will soon dry out in the spring and regrow.
At the end of the day the clearance is obvious whilst some larger trees were left for the birds to use. This whole area used to be an enormous conifer plantation and has now been cleared for heathland restoration.

This shows the bich and gorse along side the track that the team are about to clear. We cleared right up to the trees in the far distance.



The Park, Tidenham FC/GWT/RSPB Reserve

Grid Ref ST559994

The heathland restoration project at the Park is now very evident. The Forestry Commission have removed great swathes of conifers and we were asked to clear some of the smaller birch and gorse along a track leading to an ancient stone walled wood. We were lucky to get one of the few sunny days recently although the wind was blowing hard up the River Severn. We had a visit from Dee Ashurst who has taken on the role of Public Affairs Manager for the Forestry Commission and she showed good interest in the work we do.


Tidenham Park


Tidenham Park


Tidenham Park


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