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1 December 2015

Hadnock. near the Biblins Bridge

Grid Ref SO537154


This was a totally new site for us and situated by the picturesque River Wye which was flowing strongly and did flood around Ross-on-Wye in the following days. We entered the forest along the forest tracks from Marians Lane and travelled downhill for over 3 miles until we came to the Biblins Bridge where we turned left to the site.

The Forestry Commission had coppiced a fairly large area so we were asked to build deer fencing with all the cut offs. This is to prevent the deer from nibbling the newly growing shoots from the coppiced stumps. We have done this before in other coppiced woods and we hope it is effective but who knows??? The area was very large so we did not succeed in circling the whole wood with the brush and will probably have to pay it another visit!







At the start of the day we had so much brush to move and build into a hedge that it was quite daunting to know where to start!





The boys are demonstrating their saw cutting techniques!





A line of hedging has been erected.

The finished hedge may not be particularly perfect but the object is to deter the deer from entering!




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